Genevan Players

The Genevan Players are the instrumentalists of our baroque ensemble. Although we are not all yet on period instruments we currently perform at a = 415hz in 1/6 comma meantone temperament (for an explanation of meantone tuning click here.) The string instruments are in the process of conversion to appropriate gut stringing. As of 2016 we have been using baroque oboes, bassoon, and recorders. From 2018 all our brass will also be baroque (valveless and without cheat holes). At present the instrumentalists are …

Violins  / violae

  • Winston ‘t Hart
  • Christina ‘t Hart
  • Francine ‘t Hart
  • Julia den Boer
  • Tori Bredenhof
  • Derek Swarts
  • Gerrit Groenewold (viola)


  • Christina ‘t Hart
  • Amanda Swarts
  • Maria Vermeulen

Double Bass

  • Taigh Macdonald (guest performer)


  • Dean Anderson

Baroque Oboe

  • Sharon McVilly
  • Georg Corall (tutor)
  • Amy ‘t Hart [in reserve for 2018]

Baroque Bassoon

  • Avril Steyl (guest performer)


  • Maria Vermeulen
  • Geraldine Plug
  • Annette Souman

Baroque Traverso

  • Annette Souman

Baroque Horns

  • David Souman
  • Elisha Kim
  • Angelica Poppe

Baroque Trumpet

  • vacant
  • vacant


  • Beau Eilander


  • Dean Anderson
  • Tahlia Vermeulen


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