The Genevan Consort and Players strive to make music to the glory of God, as a specifically Christian group. Their performances seek to both demonstrate the musical beauty God has placed in creation as well as to stimulate Christian charity by using their performances to collect for Christian charitable needs. Concerts open and close in prayer.

As in any Christian endeavour, whether that be building a house, constructing industrial equipment, or performing music, the endeavour itself seeks to honour the Creator of heaven and earth by utilising the materials (whether material or non-material) and constructing things (whether a house, or a musical performance) which provide both aesthetic and functional pleasure.

To that end the core members of the group are themselves all members of the Free Reformed Churches of Australia.


As any endeavour will from time to time need to benefit from the expertise of others (be they Christian or not), so also the Genevan consort makes use of both teachers and extra musicians who are not necessarily Christian, but who nevertheless in their dealings with the Genevan Consort and Players respect its purpose and Christian character. Just as a house cannot always be built to its full potential, incorporating both functional and aesthetic beauty, without the use of external artisanship, so it is the same with a musical performance that attempts to demonstrate the musical beauty which God has built into his creation. It is the hope and prayer of Genevan Consort and Players that such external artisans may themselves benefit through their association with a specifically Christian group and be led from the beauty of music to consider the greatness of the Creator.


The Genevan Consort and Players are managed by a three-person team consisting of the musical director and two others. This team makes final determinations concerning all disbursements of funds and plans and administrates the activities of the Genevan Consort and Players. The final word concerning musical direction and repertoire is beholden to the musical director.

Currently the musical directorship is held by Rev. Anderson. The two assistant directors are Annette Souman and Geraldine Plug.

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