The Genevan Consort and Players are an amateur group striving to perform music from the 16th to late 18th centuries in appropriate period style and – where possible – using appropriate period instruments and techniques. They are under the musical direction of Rev. Dr. R. D. Anderson. Please excuse the photos on this site, which are by now quite a few years old.

Here is Handel’s Hallelujah chorus from our October 2019 concert (using the new baroque timpani and trumpet):

Hallelujah Chorus

Here are a few samplings from our October 2018 concert:

Psalm 84

Mother Hubbard

And some snippets …

and a few more snippets from Messiah part III

Here is a sampling from our October 2017 concert:

Here is a sampling from our October 2016 concert:

Here is a sampling from a concert held in 2014:

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